Construction Details

Time Bandit  SE 300B

The bar underneath the filament transformer is an aluminum channel bar used to stiffen the chassis.  Those transformers are
HEAVY and the holes cut for the filter capacitors are large.  This caused the chassis to sag until I added the channel.

Here you can see the cathode resistor bolted to the chassis to aid in heat dissipation.  You can also see the orang drop coupling
capacitor for the left channel.  Notice all of the paralleled resistors as called for in the schematic.

Here you can see the 250K log taper Alps Black Box volume control with the right channel coupling cap below.  This image
shows my grounding scheme with a 12ga bare copper buss.

Here are the two chokes, 10 henry, 125 mA.  Also yo can see the 2.2 uF Solen capacitor

Detail showing the power connector and a view of the plate holding the capacitors to the chassis.

Speaker terminal and connections and input jacks with shielded cable routed along the side of the chassis.

Comments?  Suggestions?