ETF 2008 - Biezenmortel, Netherlands

Here's a page of photos from the European Triode Festival 2008.

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The festival was held for the third and last time at a monastery in the village of Biezenmortel, Netherlands
and was organized again this year by Guido, Arend-Jan and Rob, all Dutch triode guys. Great job!!!

These photos are generally presented in the order they were taken and some will have captions.

Here's a shot of the monastery on the only sunny day we had. This is an ideal venue.

Here's the program as posted

Here's just a sample of the gear.

Nice little amp with some Tango transformers and European tubes


This was a neat little "double decker" amp. 

Here's the Quad ESL room.

Some electrostatic tweeters

And the crossover network.

A pair of 811 amps by  Jürgen Ewert.

Some really beautiful work by Rob Hubertse and some prototypes for future work on the left.

At the flea Market.

More flea market.

There were some bargains to be had.

I was finally able to bring an amp that I built to the festival.  This one is owned by Harald van Haaren from Eindhoven, who graciously allowed me to use it.
  Thanks Harald!!
You can see details of this amp at

This was an interesting project.  It's a pair of DIY electrostatic headphones with the amp and power supply.  500 volts on the ears is a little scary :-)

This is the baffle with two vintage Klangfilm field coil theater speakers.

The Klangfilm speakers were driven by this amp.  Heavy metal!

I heard this turntable by Frank Schröder on the big baffle.  Sweet!  This is a Garrard 301 on a slate plinth.

Preamp on a window sill.

Another window sill component.

The French group, Melaudia, brought something different this year instead of their multi-ton systems.  A nice variety of single driver DIY speakers.
The colorful ones are made by André Klein for his daughter's room.  They're based on a French cartoon series.

First-class build quality.

One of a pair of monoblocks built by Christof Kraus of Leipzig.  Beautiful work and great sound.

Here's his preamp, shaped like a boat, with 100TH triodes and 866A rectifiers.  WOW!

The right channel.

Here it is in full glow.

Plasma tweeter.

This is a zero bias amp using 8025A triodes by Hirokuni Michimori.  This little gem makes 12 watts with glowing thoriated filaments and cherry-red plates.

The designer and builder.

A Tent Labs hybrid integrated amp (transformer coupled triode, driving class D backend)

These amps were running the Quad ESLs

Pete Millett's sound processor for the shootout.

Triode Rob

Hard at work with LTSpice.

Browsing the flea market.

Raoul Li Yung being DJ for the Melaudia setup.

OK, so some of the gear is still in the design phase.

Notice the newly developed chassis support.

Peter van Willenswaard

The lectures were all well-attended.

The monastery garden.

In the dining room.

I can read a little Dutch (first grade level).

Some dangerous designs happen.

Our crack auction team, Morgan Jones and Christian Rintelen.  You guys did great!

The auction was interrupted by a visit from Sinterklaas.

And Zwart Piets

Sinterklaas had gifts for Arend-Jan, Rob and Guido.

The entertainment for the program was singer BoiAkih and her band.  See her website at

Peter and Annett Stones.  It was a fun festival.

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