ETF 2009 - Stella-Plage, France

Here's a page of photos from the European Triode Festival 2009

The festival was held at a summer resort in Stella-Plage, France and was organized this year by
the French group, Melaudia. Great job guys!

Pete Millett and I hooked up in Brussels on the Wednesday before the festival and drove to Antwerp, where we met
Michimori San, who rode with us to Stella-Plage.

Here are some street scenes in Antwerp.

The main square in Antwerp.

Pete and Michimori San.

The first sight at the festival is the flea market in the hallway.  Lots of goodies!

Some early arrivals checking things out.

The transformer testing setup for the shootout.

Some of the shootout transformers.  Some imaginative transformer covers.

Test in progress.

This is where the lectures took place.  Some very nice speakers furnished by Melaudia.

Jean-Michelle taking transformer measurements.

Left to right:  Stuart Yaniger, Menno van der Veen, <somebody help me>, Rob Hubertse, Jan Didden and I think that's Anna facing away.

Ari Polisois' 300 B amp.

One of the shootout transformers.

Stuart enjoying some wine (or did I catch him in mid-blink?)

This is the main building where the letcures were held (lower room on the left).

Sleeping quarters in the Cosmos building.

Main office on the right and some additional display areas in teh building across the street.

Thses open baffle speakers were very listenable.

Yes, alcohol is involved :-)

Per Lundahl in his transformer presentation.

A transformer cross-section.  I think this is an interstage tranformer similar to the LL1660.

They make some small ones!

At the flea market.

400V at 140mA.  Thomas Mayer's Univeral Power Supply.

Thomas Mayer's turntable.

Nice looking and excellent sound.

This is a ver different look from Thomas' previous work at ETF.  Very nicely finished, not his usual "erector-set".

Benny Glass' 845 amp from Aqua Blue.  You can heat your listening room with the bad boy.

Wood tone arm and super-fine cartridge wiring.


A nifty CD player.

Some hum-free filament power.

Yes, drinking happens.

Octode amp by Adrianus van Doorn. Read the article in Audio Express.  I don't understand how it works, but it sound great.

Altec A-7s by Per Hasling of Denmark.  This was  a load to bring all that distance.  Nice speakers, but low WAF.
I don't think I could get these into my house.

Lots of digital souces this year.

The Quad 57

DH Rob's GM70 amp (right monoblock, 50 kilos).

GM70 in action.

Morgan Jones' amp.

Guido Tent's test bed for his lecture on reducing hum in your amps.

Signature speakers.

Hand made transformer.

This is one of the power supplies for the field coil driver (thanks to Andrejs Staltmanis for the clarification.)

Jürgen Ewert giving his lecture on Barkhausen

The food was very good.  Lots of Fromage.

Wooden horn and Onken enclosure.

The Melaudia system demo area.

The Melaudia amplifiers.

I think the solder stand makes all the difference compared to last year's dental floss stand.

LED bias.

The sea.

Cold and windy.

We had a Champagne tour after the festival.

Bottles aging.

Jacques Lassaigne Champagne from Montgueux.  Most excellent!

Cedric Bouchard.

A fine ending :-)

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