Raymond's Scott 130 Page

In response to multiple requests, I have scanned the owner's manual for my H. H. Scott 130 Preamp.
Here is an index to the pages.  Click on the hyperlinks below to view a page.  Use your browser's
"Back" function to return to this page.
Please let me know if these images take too long to load to be of use to you.  I have a fast
internet connection, so I can't tell.  If they're too big, I'll shrink them.
I hope this helps someone.
email:  rkoonce@dsityler.com

Here's a PDF file of the entire manual including the schematic.  It's about 2 megs. 
The individual pages are below.

Cover page
Page 2. - Specifications
Page 3. - Unpacking/Installation
 Page 4. -  Electrical Connections
Page 5. -  More Electrical Connections
Page 6. -  More Electrical Connections
Page 7. -  Description of Controls
Page 8. -  More Description of Controls
Page 9. -  More Description of Controls
Page 10. -  More Description of Controls
Page 11. -  More Description of Controls / Operation
Page 12. -  More Operation
Page 13. -  More Operation
Page 14. -  Appendix A, Pickup Installation, Troubleshooting
Page 15. - Appendix B, Magnetic Level Control, Level Setting Chart
Page 16. -  Appendix C, Level Setting Chart (continued)
Page 17. - Appendix D, Level Setting Chart (continued)
Page 18. -  Appendix E, Level Setting Graph
Page 19. - Appendix F, Speaker Phasing, Hum Adjustment
Page 20. - Appendix G, Input Wiring
Page 21. - Appendix H, Tape Recorder Wiring
Page 22. - Appendix I, Stereo Output Wiring
Page 23. - Appendix J, Crossover Output Wiring
Page 24, -  Supplemental Installation Instructions

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Thanks to Lee K. Shuster


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