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Favorite Links to Tube-related Sites


Tubes USA.com - Excellent site for Emission Labs and KR tubes

Antique Electronic Supply - Supplier of tubes and lots of other components

Angela Instruments - Visit Steve's site for lots of tube hi-fi goodies

Duncan Amps TDSL - Check here for thousands of tube data sheets. Great Resource. Thanks Duncan.

Duncan Amps PSUD - download this program for a great way to design power supplies for your projects.

Enjoy The Music - Great review site with lots of new goodies all the time.  Check out "Tube Lust".

Triode Electronics - Uncle Ned's site - a great supplier and an all-around good guy.

Jim McShane's Citation Pages - Jim's a great guy too and always glad to help.  Visit him for Citation parts

Omega Loudspeakers - Great sounding, efficient single driver speakers, very good build quality.  
Good for low-powered SE amplifiers.  Thanks Louis!

Southern Electric Audio - The website of Joe Roberts of Sound Practices fame

If you'd like to see your site listed here, email me and we'll trade links.