Here's our house, a 1913 Foursquare style, built by Preston Birdwell.  Mr. Birdwell owned a lumber
company, so the structure of the house is extremely solid.   It's on a brick street in the town of Tyler,
Texas.  We bought the house in July of 1995 from the youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. Birdwell, P. K.
Birdwell, and his nieces and nephews.
The house is about 3000 square feet in size and has five bedrooms.  We use the downstairs bedroom
as a den and Beverly uses the small bedroom upstairs as a walk-in closet.
We've restored some parts of the house.  We started with the outdoor landscaping.  There was none
when we bought the place and we have planted about 60 azalea bushes which are beautiful in the spring.
They'll get much larger than what you see here.  We've replaced the downstairs bathroom, retaining
only the clawfoot tub.  The new bath has ceramic tile floors and wainscot and has a period design.
The downstairs rear sleeping porch had floors in sad condition, so those were replaced with Mexican
Saltillo tiles.  It's our computer room and the greenhouse for Beverly's plants.  The tile floors in both
the bath and sleeping porch were installed with thermostatically controlled heating tubes to keep the
tiles warm in the winter.

We recently had the exterior of the house painted the color you see it.

Here's some more pictures: 
Our future plans for the place include a new kitchen to replace the really bad one installed in the mid
1980s, a new upstairs bath, a garage/workshop to match the style of the house and central heat/air
conditioning, as the budget allows.

Update May 4, 2002:  We've redone the kitchen, well almost.  We have new cabinets, new granite
countertops (Uba-Tuba from Brazil), but we still don't have a finished floor or backsplashes above
the countertops.

We have a new garage and workshop building, 21' x 35'.  I'll post a few pics when I can.

We're still working on the landscaping.

Questions, comments?